About Us

"Extalia Cool Design was created to unleash million inspirations to pull billion inspirations out"

 This blog is managed by some of college students from several departments including Architecture, Japanese literature, Industrial engineering, Biology, etc
We will post many updated articles about design, art, and architecture.
Furthermore, not only the real one, there will be many articles about design themed games e.g. The SIMS, City Life, etc.

There are also many more articles about anime, manga, Japan, Korea, and all over the world.
Specially for you who love culinary, we will post many culinary articles here and for sure those can be a recommendation for you.

Moreover, we get a new menu 'ARCHITECTURE 12' specially managed by Architecture students of University Gadjah Mada #2012 for sharing and learning. Join us ASAP!

Articles in this blog will be written in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

For more details, informed later.
Thanks for visiting us. Enjoy!

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