[House] de Udiyani House

Game and design. That's the words of The SIMS 3 obviously. One of the best PC game ever.
I built this house inside my game indeed, with all those bulks of money (which just can be saved and used in the game, sad). 

This design 'de UDIYANI House' is a tropical house design. A lot of windows, open area, pool, green grass, and it's the best place to hold a BBQ party for almost everyday by inviting friends and families.

The name 'de UDIYANI House' taken from bahasa Kawi (kind of ancient Java language), Udiyani means King's garden. This house shows more elegant and  amazing scenery by its exterior and open space areas, hope people will always awed by their first-sight of the house. 

Seeing the modern design growing these days is something about simple, natural, plain, minimalist. I just want to put that things combined. It has 64x64 (biggest size on SIMS3) for lots, it's sure wide and with all those extended lots, I wanna make sure that the house seems roomy.
The building itself isn't take that much lots actually, yet the garage. I imagined the owner is an automotive-addicted who wanna show his cars for pride. He will always so proud of his cars, and be happy every second he sees them. E.g. while swimming or holding a party in a simple hall near the pool, he will always see his cars and for some kind of free exhibition.

Inside, a special design for the dinning room. An elegant mango wood table combined with simple white dinning chairs. Next to dinning room is a nectar-wine shelves. Designing with elegant wall pattern as well the floors. The bedroom seems little bit vintage, country, western but more simple. It painted by caramel-brown, with a special one side using elegant black wallpaper.
The furniture color will depends on the wall and floor color. Here, I used combination between monochrome-brown, black, pink. It shows little classic atmosphere by putting some classic things such as the wall-lights and the stereo.

This design is just for fun aesthetic. I didn't take that much to think about how the owners will feel annoyed by his really really opened house, the safety, the comfortable feeling (e.g. while it's rain, after parking the car, seems the owner will need umbrella to land at the main house dry still), etc. I'm still studying now, hope next time I'll make a better one.


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