Ladies and Gentlemen!
We are proudly announcing of a new program 'TRAVELING' for the fresh 2013!!!

What kind of program is that?
Well, you can find a new menu 'TRAVELING' on the menu list. It expands to two more sub-menus which 'Culinary' and 'Places'. We also plan for one more expand announcing about festivals holding especially at Yogyakarta.
This special menu will give you information to have a great holiday recommendation, both of places and culinaries, inside Indonesia and sometimes outside.
We offer you to join us as the author as well to share information you have or even your traveling program. Just e-mail us at for application.

Coorperating with ANTELADAN on ANTravel, we hope this new program can be your guide to have a fun holiday alone or with your friends and families.

Ask us questions about places, cuisines, and many more by typing below or thorough our e-mail.
Most of articles will be written in Bahasa Indonesia but you can request it in English or using some translators for other languages.

Thank you for supporting.

Excooldesign Team

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