BATIK KULON or Western Batik named from most of the interior. Some of rooms are painted in Batik pattern combined with western style.
This house is designed for family of 4. It’s more simple with elegance touch, simple to maintain, and open.
Most white combined with wood.

This house has a minimalist concept for the exterior, but not for the inside. Having two sides of modern and classic, the interior is specially designed by putting some western classic touch. There is something more special in the study room which covered by green Batik pattern, synchronized with Georgian style of furniture. Most floors are carpet, reflective wood, and ceramics.

This house’s basic shape is square. Three of them are combined into one. With lots 40x40, the building itself just take no more than half, put at right side. Having minimalist concept, this house will not have any complicated garden to be maintained.

Design by PRIMAVERA D. using The SIMS3 (LOL)

Anyway, I'm just finished my 1st semester in architecture. Hope my design would better and better. Ganbarimasho~

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