My second Studio Design project in 2nd semester is to design a shelter. What kind of shelter it was?

Well. This shelter would be dedicated for those who love cycling or it can be called as a bike shelter. Designing to do multiples task, this shelter won’t be a common bike shelter, it would be like a one-stop bike shelter.

We found many well-designed bike shelters using to put the bike, and allowing bikers to rest a bit. Most of shelters in Yogyakarta not even facilitated by benches, further more relaxing facilities. So, we got the problem. What we need to solve is how to create a modern comfortable safe bike shelter.

I thought about spider. Why? Spider has many legs. Those legs will become the site where bikers could stand their bike. They will have two options then, first. They just want to rest a bit, not going anywhere too far from his bike, just stay, eating something, drinking, check the bike for the next trip right after resting. It’s kind of drive thru. Second. They will make sure that their bike is safe, then need a longer rest by sleeping for a minutes, so they will need kind of bench and better environment.

These below the design I made.

Spider actually. But extended.

Found the concept

First model

It's scaled.

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