My 3rd project in my 2nd semester! WOW. The case is a book café.
 It’s a small café though, em, I think bigger is harder. Well, this isn’t an ordinary café actually. The location given is inside University of Gadjah Mada, if you’re even visit UGM, there’s a place called ‘Lembah UGM’, yes. The location is near which 15000x12000 sqm2

It would become a well-designed café with a special purpose. What kind of purpose? We were allowed to decide on our own. I decided to design a café with sketching purpose. I mean, the café actually already have a purpose since it’s a book café, this will be the second purpose, sketch. Visitors are allowed to sketch everywhere inside the café, floor, table, wall, etc. The café will have a one big side of wall, special for those who love sketching, to show others the talents they got. The tables and chairs would be specialized so that those can be used for sketching, even there will be a camera under the tables in order to show the sketch formed in every tables on a big screen.

This book café also have specialty in manga books. Well, manga is Japanese comics. The menu served will be in the same theme. So, this will be having a good connection, between manga and sketching. In the center are, in front of pantry is an easy-arranged area. I mean, sometimes this café booked for an event e.g. seminar, for a lot of people coming through to gather inside, the owner is helped by making the arrangement easier.

I had have some designs until finally decided the last one.

Iglo concept? what the hoe.

I don't know, guys...

I'm not sure with this...

What iglo O.o!!
Here it is!
Entrance door and outdoor area

What a complicated roof

See the interior

Access to store room

Poster page 02

Poster page 01

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