This is my first studio design in my 2nd semester. We were introduced an architecture expo, known as Wiswakharman Expo (It’s actually an annual exhibition held by UGM’s Architecture Students).

The problem to solve is how to make people interested to our stand. Designing a stand for an arch expo isn’t easy. How to reveal information inside the stand itself to get many visitors invited by the design is the answer, but how to do it is the main problem.

Well, to find the best design, I tried to list the micro-problems to solve and what things I need to concern about.
  1. This stand will show both of posters and models of some architectural designs.
  2. In order to get people attention, I imagined this stand will be a sculpture standing as the most fabulous. 
  3. Once people get inside the stand, they have to feel an extraordinary architecture experience.
  4. I was given limit as this stand must be more than enough lying on 2000x4000 (mm) squares.
  5. Will the visitor say that they will come visit this stand even though they are still standing right after the entrance gate of the expo?
  6. Making a full-designed connection between oral and aesthetic is one to be solved.
Great. Now I’d have the problem list. I got the idea.
  1. The basic form inspired for human’s hand. It’s like someone will grab something, in a half way (get the illustration below).
  2. Arranging something is the main idea. Based on the basic form from the no. 1, I sliced it, tried to make a tunnel, but there are some spaces.
  3. It’s gonna have 2100 in height, and 1500 in width as path.
  4. So, the drama will be played: once a visitor entering the exhibition room, he will get interested by the unique exterior form of this stand (it works as a sculpture). Next, he will come to visit, and get inside the stand. He will experience something unique as they are able to see posters and models inside while still getting access to see what happen outside the stand. Posters and models will be displayed in a specific height for comforting visitors. 
Well. Here it is.

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