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Salah satu film yang sedang nge-BOOM di bioskop, The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire yang dibintangi oleh Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, dan kawan-kawan *LOL* ternyata menyimpan nama seorang Indonesia. Bagi yang sudah nonton, pasti kalian tau gaun pengantin yang dipakai Katniss pada malam acara sebelum game dimulai, yang bisa terbakar dan berubah jadi kostum Mockingjay.

Yap, wedding dress yang dipakai oleh Katniss itu, dirancang oleh seorang perancang muda dari Jakarta, Tex Saverio. Cowok kelahiran 1984 ini sudah menghasilkan rancangan-rancangan busana yang sudah dipakai Lady Gaga dan Kim Kardashian juga lho..

Siapa sih Tex Saverio atau disebut juga Alexander McQueen-nya Indonesia... 
Berikut beberapa artikel dan video tentang Tex Saverio.

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Today it was revealed that the dress was not by Jenny Packham, Marchesa or even Alexander McQueen, but a little known designer called Tex Saverio.
The designer presented a similar dress with a ruffled skirt and organza corset under a metal cage at his bridal show back in November 2010 during Indonesia’s Jakarta Fashion Week.
Katniss' bridal dress has been covered in Swarovski crystals with the metal cage extended to signify fire while the voluminous skirt is covered in chiffon that references a Mockingjay. Fierce!
"This is very important for the twirling/spinning Katniss does onstage, per Caesar Flickerman’s request," the film's costume designer, Trish Summerville, revealed.
So how did she discover Tex?
"I found his designs quite some time ago and saved his information for a perfectly fitting project, then came Catching Fire – perfect!" she said.
"We did several Skype calls with sketches to work together in designing the wedding dress. I had seen a dress he designed with a similar metal bodice, and I wanted to incorporate it into our wedding dress design", reports Hollywood Life.
With Lady Gaga, Kim Kardasian and now Jennifer Lawrence wearing his designs, the only way is up for Tex!
Artikel mengenai Tex Saverio dari wikipedia:
Tex Saverio (born 1984) is an Indonesian fashion designer who was born in Jakarta.

In September 2005, Saverio won a national award in the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award, which qualified him to compete against other Southeast Asian designers the following year.His winning collection presented clothes that were designed to be worn by both men and women. He left senior school after a year in order to pursue a fashion design career, enrolling at the Bunka Fashion School in Jakarta and then taking on an apprenticeship at the Phalie Studio.

Since then, Saverio's work has been worn by international celebrities such as Lady Gaga (who chose to wear Saveiro for her Lady Gaga Fame advertising campaign) and Kim Kardashian. Lady Gaga was photographed in a sheer black laser-cut and sequined Saverio dress called 'La Glacon' for Harper's Bazaar in 2011.The dramatic metal-and-chiffon wedding dress which Jennifer Lawrence wears in advance publicity material for the The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film was designed by Saverio. He has been described as the "Alexander McQueen of Indonesia"
Ini dia TEX SAVERIO...

Video Tex Saverio di HITAM PUTIH

Jadi, gimana? Kece banget kan? Satu lagi video di mana sang penata kostum film The Hunger Games Catching Fire, Sumerville, mengatakan bahwa desainnernya Tex Saverio dari Jakarta...

credit: YOUTUBE

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